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Sensory exploration and awareness of the moment

sensual massage or tantric massage is merely a tiny step towards true Tantrism but is a great step to feeling free.

Daniel Odier Hindu Tantrism teaches in Paris. In a book of fire, Tantra: initiation of a Westerner in absolute love (Lattès ed.), he tells how he was initiated by a woman, tantric master, met in the mountains of Kashmir. 

She submits to countless events, including a period of three days and three nights when he is left naked and alone in the forest. These tests are a work on emotions, intended to awaken the senses, to "polish the ego" and pacify the mind, to reach the top of this tutorial with "maithuna": the ritual of the sacred sexual union. 

The story of this union with that which is its initiator has accents that recall the eroticism. This initiation story looks like a myth. Perhaps is it primarily a symbolic narrative, although autobiographical elements mingle closely. 

Daniel Odier also explains in a second book, desires, passions and spirituality (ed. Lattes), that the rite of "maithuna" is rarely practiced and can be used after a long preparation. Above all, he says, it can be done, without genital contact, by any form of sensorial relationship, through the voice, the look, feel.

Despite using a very suggestive erotic symbolism, Tantric practices can be summarized to sexuality. They are first learning of the dual polarity male and female within us all, whether we are male or female. Daniel Odier's uses this primarily as a sensory exploration, destined to live the moment of consciousness, the integration of emotion and thought in daily life. 

In Tantrism, the frantic search for a path that will come out of our problems is an illusion, only acceptance of our reality with its lights and shadows can we afford to live mindfully.

It is in this perspective that proposes an alternative approach to sexuality, seen as a form of meditation, where each partner learns to live a deep sense of unity with itself and with each other. Specific techniques can be used to facilitate this approach: different forms of meditation, massage ... 

Breathing is central and, through it, a relaxation of the body and an awareness of the muscles of the lower abdomen, perineum, genitals. Men and women are invited to deepen orgasm, what passes for men with a discovery of orgasm without ejaculation. It is not to control ejaculation, but to progressively forget, insists Daniel Odier.

The ecstasy beyond  Tantric Massage performance

He warns against placements that reduce Tantrism to a set of techniques leading to ecstasy and offering dances, massages and energy technologies, enhanced by various rituals and a so-called spiritual discourse. 

All this is a fantasy, it is only to seek a more powerful sexuality. If Tantra is an art of ecstasy in love is all that life has to become a trance and that by an awareness of the moment, our unity to the world, at all times and in all activities of life. Research techniques of ecstasy is the opposite of that Tantra Daniel Odier defined as "spontaneous ecstasy," the title of his latest book (ed. Actes Sud).

But the intuitions Tantric well understood can be used to encourage reflection that revolves around the personal development, as explained Paule Solomon in his book The Light of Burning Love (ed. Albin Michel). A theme that takes in personal development,  seminars on the relationship and the exploration of the five senses.

MAJESTIC Tantric Massage provides the way to take this step, to relax the mind and body.

Sensual Tantric Massage " An unforgettable experience”

Tantric massage is the art of harmonizing our male and female principle within us. 

TANTRIC MASSAGE is practiced by caresses that are soft and voluptuous. Acupressure points are activated on the coccyx for greater sexual prowess. 

It focuses our energy and reconnects us to our female identity. It allows our sensitivity to better understand the opposite sex. Tantric massage is also working with our fire energy and helps to raise the Kundalini along the spinal column. Kundalini is the energy that is coiled at the base of the coccyx, which when mounted along the spine through the meridians releases neurodrénalines in the brain. It helps us feel the sexual act as pure energy. This ecstasy frees blockages. And makes us feel as sacred fires.

*Tantric massage destroys our unfounded fears of unknown subjects.

*Tantric massage exalts us, awaken the  male and female in us all.

*Tantric massage reconciles our body with caresses ...

*Tantric massage awaken all our senses ...

*Tantric massage learns to love ...

Tantric massage is patience and availability ...


This is a different approach to sexuality based on harmony and shared pleasure in mutual understanding, agreement and respect. It allows a man or woman,  knowledge of his/her female and male persona/part. This allows better communication between man and woman, better since male and female parts are in both of us. This creates greater tolerance. "The first time I went for a tantric massage I understood how a man could be sensitive, caring, without expecting anything in return. 

"It touched me deep inside myself,  I have never had this look from any other man.   This man truly needed to feel and give tantric love not lust.  I felt stupid for having thought of him as badly, having had so many prejudices. It has treated the injuries that were from these prejudices. "The ability to know that part in us reconciles us to life as we are from the two principles" said Fallon Hurst.

*Our clients learn to use deep intuition that drives enjoyment. 

*He learns to listen to his body and his soul with love of self.  

*They learn to receive, which  makes us magnetic and friendly.

That's when you really know that we make the best choice, because they are us. This is the day we live a love affair with ourselves that we attract the best for us. This is the day we close the door to everything that pulls us down. The day we do not try more than meet our needs  selfishlyr. It is from there that we give the best of ourselves. The people we meet are a part of us, the same way that we love and treat ourselves is the same way that we are treated.

Tantric massage is a journey into the heart, once inside it is possible to see emerging depths of our true treasure hidden  ...

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