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MAJESTIC Sensual Massage London;"Such An INTIMATE Encounter".

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Sensual Massage;"An INTIMATE experience"

Sensual massage MAJESTIC by Guest Blogger- JJ

I contacted MAJESTIC Sensual massage via classified ad on the internet. The advert stated they offered  moments of relaxation, sensual massage oil based or with Nuru Gel in a relaxing setting of my choice.

The weather was beautiful, though I found the heat a bit overwhelming, and I had an exhausting day.
My heart was pounding as soon as I placed the phone down. I hurried home from the office, excited for a change knowing I would have some company tonight.

When I opened the door, I gasped at her beauty and bright smile... she gave me a kiss. Her perfume was captivating. She was a beautiful blonde with green eyes  the ideal figure, a firm body,  feline shape.
I immediately had the feeling of being in tender great company, she can put you in a state of high confidence. The conversation began between us very quickly on general topics.  Like two old friends who found each other again and have lots of things to say and ask. The feeling between us was immediate. I bathed in the attention and the soft moments. I can now let go of the guy in the office.

After offering her a refreshing drink, I gave her the gift agreement. She suggested I take a shower to be more comfortable, I gladly accepted. Then she began to undress slowly with sensual moves as if she opened her gift packaging. I let her.

Once completely naked, she leads me in the shower, the warm water refreshes me ideas. She soaped my back, buttocks, abdomen and chest. My private parts are not forgotten and it triggers an early erection, which delighted her. The liquid scented  soap allows our body to slide against one another. It gives me a glimpse of this talented masseuse.
Before lying on my stomach, I watched as she coated her body with perfumed oil, spreading it oh so gently. I settled in laying on my stomach, closed my eyes to relax and savor this moment of happiness, rocked by a soft music and the singing of birds from the neighboring yard.

She then spreads warm oil all over my back, moving her magic hands, unbelievably. I could not wait for her to whisper for me to turn over. When she asked me to lie on my back, I was like a deer in rut. She avoided touching my erect penis, but she was close enough to touch it.  Noting the sudden reactions of my organ with amusement, she applied warmed oil over my body. Starting with my feet all the way up, again avoiding my excited genitals.

Her hands massaged gently and glided on my skin, occasionally lingered on the parts of my body, she alternated with luxurious touches of sliding pressure. Her body undulated shining on mine with lightness, her nipples were pointing outwards as she breathed excitedly.

No muscle escaped her palpitations. My stiff neck and my back quickly regained their flexibility. Her Californian-style massage was a moment of true happiness.
My body was under pressure, though it was relaxed. I had a burning desire to be active; I had to let it go.

Her hands wandered over my whole being, challenging thrills and emotions, I accompanied her caresses with and moans of pleasure. I was in awe of this slender body, which gave me such delight. Then she sat astride my back and turned to me. Her pussy shaved almost entirely, almost brushed my face. I had a great view that stirred my desires while massaging me the rest of the body head to toe.

My body by now was covered with chills, which gave me goosebumps, she began to touch my penis, wow! Need I say, this always tended to make him react. Each time she  moved her hands, the jolt was immediate and he stood rigid stiff and swollen with desire. With one hand caressing my balls, the other was operating my cock gently.

I moaned with pleasure, my groans grew louder as she was massaging the tip. Going into high gear with the rhythm of my gasps and sighs, a confirmation to her that I was close to the orbiting. My buttocks were rising at the same rate as her rhythmic hands. We were synchronous. She knew exactly when to ease the desire and when to place it on me.

The grand finale of fire was pure magic, she placed her magic hands just between my ass and my balls and created even more magical sensations. after some time, she greeted my sheaves of cum,  firmly holding my spear under pressure with both hands. I felt paralyzed after the fantastic tremors that caused me such pleasure. I wanted to kiss and hold her as a sign of my gratitude...

Strangely, the following day felt so much better, I skipped to my car humming, traffic meant nothing to me. I even said hello to the nosy old bat that lives next door.

A tip for you gentlemen who would like to escape and relax, treat yourself or one of your friends to this great experience. I promise you, this could even swing a deal your way.

And ladies, if you want to please your man offer him this moment of sensual relaxation together; It's magical.

life is short so let us enjoy the good moments of pleasure.

Written by JJ Cole. Regular user of MAJESTIC Visiting Massage

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